The SchoolWeavers Tool support school leaders to become weavers and transform their organization and community into a thriving learning ecosystem. The SchoolWeavers Tool is a new global model that captures emergent international perspectives on weaver practices and school-based learning ecosystems’ development and growth in a reliable and comprehensive manner. The tool supports your school to improve 7 key domains: EMPATHY, TRUST, PURPOSE, COLLABORATION, INNOVATION, PERSONALIZED LEARNING and EQUITY. The domains are divided into 24 scales and contain 6 linked surveys for the 6 types of participants: TEACHERS, LEADERS, STUDENTS, STAFF, COMMUNITY PROFESSIONALS and FAMILIES. All responses are recorded on a 6-point Likert scale that captures the level of agreement with the items. 

To learn more about the School Weavers tool and the model validation take a look at the paper– The SchoolWeavers Tool: supporting school leaders to weave learning ecosystems

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