The SchoolWeavers is a collaborative and international research-action project that supports school leaders around the globe to analyze, rethink and weave their school-community ecosystems to enhance caring relationships, personalized learning and wellbeing opportunities. The SchoolWeavers is run by an online tool that facilitates school leaders to regenerate their focus beyond academic results and achievement, and intentionally engage with seeding the conditions and opportunities for deep and wide learning within and across school borders. The open tool is free to use and offers school leaders the opportunity to engage with all community actors in a collective diagnosis and growth of trusted and meaningful relationships within school members -students, teachers, families, staff and leaders-, and between school and the wider neighborhood and city -as community professionals from museums, sports facilities, parks, universities and so on-.

The SchoolWeavers Tool change model of CULTIVATE – FACILITATE – THRIVE has been co-created by the NetEduProject, an international initiative catalyzed by FPCEE Blanquerna (URL) and formed by a community of researchers, school leaders and educators from around the globe. The model shifts the learning focus form individualized standarized results to the fundamental processes that seed caring and collaborative human relationships in the school community for collective learning and wellbeing. Thus, the model captures emergent international perspectives on weaver practices, school climates and culture and school-based learning ecosystems’ development and growth in a reliable, regenerative and comprehensive manner.

The initial stage of the tool facilitates an ecosystemic diagnosis of the school-community

The tool supports school leaders and communities to engage with a collective process of rethinking and regenerate relationships to expand learning and wellbeing. Within this process, the tool prvides an initial assessment framework supporting schools to strengthen their relational strategies around the 7 key ecosystemic domains of the model: EMPATHY, TRUST, PURPOSE, COLLABORATION, INNOVATION, PERSONALIZED LEARNING and EQUITY. The transformational process facilitated by the tool includes gathering data around these domains and scales, providing 6 linked surveys for the 6 types of participants: TEACHERS, LEADERS, STUDENTS, STAFF, COMMUNITY COLLABORATORS and FAMILIES. All responses are recorded on a 6-point Likert scale that captures the level of agreement with the items.

SchoolWeavers Dashboard -Results

At the moment, around 25 schools and 18 universities and research organizations from 15 countries in the 5 continents are using the tool and learning together to rethink and regenerate schools as learning and wellbeing weavers. To learn more about the School Weavers tool and the model validation take a look at the paper– The SchoolWeavers Tool: supporting school leaders to weave learning ecosystems

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