Who is conducting the project, why you have been asked to participate and how you were selected?

The NetEduProject is conducting different initiatives to find out more about learning ecosystems, social interactions in communitiesand schools to better understand improvement in learning and equity. You have been asked to participate by your school or community leaders as a member of the organization in order to provide your perceptions around community or school climate and social interaction.

Why is this project being done?

The purpose of this project is to 

  1. Support school leaders to develop a school and community assessment around the health and potential of their learning ecosystem, social capital and school climate; 
  2. Support school leaders and communities worldwide to cultivate and weave ecosystems that enhance learning and equity.

What will happen to you in this project and which procedures are standard of care and which are experimental?

If you agree to be in this project, you will take the following online survey.

How much time will each project procedure take, what is your total time commitment, and how long will the project last?

It will take you approximately between 20 and 35 minutes to complete the survey.

What risks are associated with this project?

Participation in this project may involve some added risks or discomforts. These include the following: 

1.   A potential for the loss of confidentiality.  However, no data about any individual participant or specific team will be reported to any organization. All survey data will be stored on secure servers with password protection.  In addition, individuals’ names and other identifiers will be removed from the data files and replaced with random numerical identifiers.

2.   You may become bored or fatigued during the survey in which case you can just stop the survey and return later or not continue responding.

Because this is a project study, there may also be some unknown risks that are currently unforeseeable. You will be informed of any significant new findings.

What are the alternatives to participating in this project?

You do not have to participate in this project and there are no alternatives to not participating.  

What benefits can be reasonably expected?

There may or may not be any direct benefit to you from participating this project.  However, your participation will provide valuable information to understanding educational improvement.  

Can you choose to not participate or withdraw from the project without penalty or loss of benefits?

Participation in this project is entirely voluntary.  You may refuse to participate or withdraw or refuse to answer specific questions on a questionnaire at any time without penalty.  If you decide that you no longer wish to continue in this project, please just contact the project neteduproject@blanquerna.url.edu / +34 932503000.  You will be told if any important new information is found during the course of this project that may affect your wanting to continue.

Can you be withdrawn from the project without your consent?

Yes, the project team may remove you from the project without your consent if the project team feel it is in your best interest or the best interest of the project.

Are there any costs associated with participating in this project?

There will be no cost to you for participating in this project.

What if you are injured as a direct result of being in this project?

This project does not involve procedures that could potential cause physical and psychological injury.  

Who can you call if you have questions?

You have the right to ask questions of the researcher without penalty (either in person, on the telephone, or via e-mail) and you may leave blank any survey questions you do not wish to answer for any reason.  Further, you have the right to withdraw consent and discontinue participation at any time, including after completion of any of the survey, without penalty.  To withdraw from the project, you may contact neteduproject@blanquerna.url.edu / +34 932503000. 

Your Consent

Responding to the survey means that you have read the material above and agree to participate in the NetEduProject.