Are You On Board to Weave and Strengthen Your Learning Ecosystem?

imagen3Are you a System Change Leader that works to better achieve social and educational challenges? Are you willing to reimagine your organization, your community or your city as a learning ecosystem? Assess, co-create and co-implement new learning opportunities in your place based ecosystems by promoting higher levels of Collective Purpose, Empathy, Trust, Equity, Collaboration, Personalization and Innovation.

What is NetEduProject?

imagen2NetEduProject is an international community of researchers and leaders aiming to cultivate and weave thriving learning ecosystems that effectively promote personalized learning and equity. We do it through:
  • NetEdu Tools,¬†allowing leaders to evaluate the health and potential of their learning ecosystems, providing personalized and transformational¬†advice for its improvement.
  • NetEdu Community, International Community of educational weavers willing to share results, ideas, strategies, change experiences and learn together how to lead thriving place-based learning ecosystems.

Who can benefit from NetEduProject?

  • School Leaders (Elementary, Middle and High Schools)¬†and
  • Local and Community Leaders (Community Partnerships and Networks of organizations) can benefit from the NetEduProject by evaluating their organization and learning how to enhance learning opportunities by promoting resource exchange, collaboration and the whole innovative potential.
  • Researchers can benefit from partnering with NetEduProject, supporting the Weavers’ community and using the tool for their own research purposes, accessing the whole data generated by the project to use it in their investigations