Mission and Soul


In the NetEduProject we believe that a better society and a better planet demand the cultivation of new educational climates based on weaving diverse social relationships, foster systemic mindsets and facilitate a collaborative culture. The NetEduProject is an international interconnected community of leaders, educators and researchers that is growing, aiming to cultivate and weave local learning ecosystems to effectively respond to our social and planet challenges. The project was launched in 2015 by Jordi Díaz-Gibson and Mireia Civís from PSITIC research group in Blanquerna, Ramon Llull University, Barcelona (Spain).

A litle bit of the NetEdu soul

NetEduProject is a global community grounded on collective learning and collective impact. Tools and knowledge are and will be open access and ready to use in the most needed contexts. We exist because our collective purpose and commitment to contribute to a better world, and we are funded by diverse research institutions.

NetEduProject enables a circular process that connects science and practice to promote exponential impact. The project brings validated and relevant research to the practical use of leaders and educators from Schools and other educational organizations. For this purpose, tools are research validated, but at the same time, community members from different countries actively suport to adapt language and processes to maximize the usability of knowledge. At the time that leaders are using and taking advantage of the tools, the platform collects new data that is used to generate meaningful and updated content to support our collective mission and change efforts, nurturing a circular process of action-research that provides exponential impact.

NetEduProject has a clear transformative focus. A smooth, simple and self-guided interaction with tools empowers educational leaders and educators to pilot and prototype their learning processes autonomously without the help of external consultants. Also, the personalized tips that leaders receive from the tools and community improve their own leadership strategies, facilitating the ecosystem growth and goal achievement.

NetEduProject has a GLOCAL approach where global leaders and educators from around the world use same evaluation tools, but receive tips adapted to their own local context. This way we all can take advantage both from a rich global exchange and from an accurate and contextualized orientation. Tools are shared in different Languages tested and developed by local leaders and researchers: English (UK, US and Australia), Mandarin Chinese, Spanish (Spain and Latin America), Danish, Turkish, Catalan, Swedish, Greek and Finnish. Others in translation process…

Our Change theory is the Weaving Circle for Systemic Impact, and allows leaders to CULTIVATE, FACILITATE and THRIVE, and deeply analyze the potential of their learning ecosystems and weave new capital and new relationships that expand learning and equity across and beyond schools, organizations and cities.