The NetEdu Tool (which analyses Leading Innovative Ecosystems) collects information through a questionnaire that evaluates the results of the organization in relation to the fulfillment of the 7 strategies in the NetEduProject evaluation and advice model. There are two different versions of the NetEdu Tool, addressed to the leadership teams of: 1- Schools or 2- Community Based Projects.

Who answers the survey?

The survey has the objective of collecting the individual perceptions of all the participants in the School or Community based project, as professionals, staff, volunteers, youth, adults and families. Professionals and volounteers respond to the full questionnaire, while the rest respond only to general questions.

How is the survey organized?

The questionnaire presents 32 items responded in a Likert scale in which the respondents show their degree of agreement or disagreement with the statements. The questionnaire is divided into three different sections: ‘Individual’, ‘Educational project’ and ‘Leadership’, with the possibility to write specific comments at the end. Respondents take approximately 15 minutes to answer.

Download NetEdu Questionnaire Community Education Project (PDF)


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