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Leading Innovative EcosystemsLic Analisis Data Reloaded%* responses

Social Capital outcomesLic Analisis Data Reloaded0%* responses

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1- Leadership of collaborative innovation

Co-responsability: Promoting a Shared CommitmentNAN%
Shared vision and approach to community problemsNAN%
Joint ownership of new ideas and projectsNAN%
Sense of unity among membersNAN%
Commitment to organization's goalsNAN%
Perceiving education as a community shared responsibilityNAN%
Voluntarism and affiliation mechanismsNAN%
Communication channels to inform the communityNAN%
Transversality: Integrating DiversityNAN%
Involvement of professionals from different disciplinesNAN%
Identifying the student in the center of the organization's actionNAN%
Analysis of community needsNAN%
Interdisciplinary work linesNAN%
Involvement of members from public, private and societal sectorsNAN%
Collaboration with organizations in the communityNAN%
Collaboration with familiesNAN%
Horizontality: Building ConsensusNAN%
Consensus on decision-making processesNAN%
Leadeship representatives with equal power on decision-makingNAN%
Focus on decisions affecting organization's interestsNAN%
Distribution of resources based on needsNAN%
Empowerment to lead activities and actionsNAN%
Distribution of leadership responsibilitiesNAN%
Community involment in decision makingNAN%
Collaboration: Feeding DiscussionNAN%
Discussion of different perceptions of problemsNAN%
Conflict as an opportunity to growNAN%
Connections among membersNAN%
Mutual understanding between membersNAN%
Information flow among membersNAN%
Exchange of new ideasNAN%
Use of community public resources as an asset to face common objectivesNAN%
Collaborative professional cultureNAN%
Collaborative inter-organizational cultureNAN%
Resources sharing between membersNAN%
Projection: Promoting Systematic ImprovementsNAN%
Systematic assessment mechanisms of results and processesNAN%
Training to membersNAN%
Learning collaborative strategiesNAN%
Learning social-educative content knowledgeNAN%
Learning opportunities to families or/and other members in the communityNAN%
Extending the knowledge learned within the organization to your own disciplineNAN%
Ideas implemented in actions or projectsNAN%
Spaces and time to share new ideasNAN%
Applied research shared with the communityNAN%
Producing innovative ways of working togetherNAN%
Producing innovative initiatives and projects in the communityNAN%

Lic Analisis Data Reloaded - 0 responses

2- Social Capital Impact