Montemorel School is a Humanistic education organization created in 1995. It is a transformative Educational Project with a great impact on the lives of parents, students and teachers.
The Institutional purpose is to Educate for life, which requires comprehensive training that addresses the processes of construction of knowledge and personal development, as human beings, of students.

High formal quality standards (Saber ICFES tests, very high)

Vision: To be a leading school in comprehensive processes that facilitate the internal and external development of the student's Being.

Mission: To offer a space where children and young people prepare for life; recognizing themselves as beings aware of their virtues and values, building and assimilating the necessary knowledge to the vocation of each student and thus becoming transforming elements of themselves, their families and society.

Differences that make us special:
• Humanist nature based on affectivity and trust
• Research Project Strategy: it allows the construction of knowledge in a meaningful way, attending to interests, talents, multiple intelligences, which generates motivation in the student to learn.
• Program of Educational Attention to Diversity: We are a pioneer school in Colombia of inclusive education, with nearly 15 years of experience, with the following programs: strengthening, inclusion and talents.
• Human Development Project: there is a team that represents all levels of the School and is in charge of guiding institutional policies with a human approach. This project is not only oriented to students, it is also developed with teachers and parents, as a continuous qualification strategy, in order to be consistent with our project. • Personalized Methodology: Conceives the student as an active agent in the learning process, strengthening their individuality and respecting their personal rhythm. • Healing Artistic Project: through music, dance, plastic arts and other artistic and recreational manifestations, the expression of emotions and feelings is promoted, seeking to convert these spaces into therapeutic strategies. • Social and Healthy Project: through the formation of good habits such as healthy eating, sports, disciplines of self-knowledge, the art of living together and sensitivity to nature, Human Competencies are developed, i.e. self-care, care for the other and care of the environment. • Parents Project: we recognize parents as first educators, which means that joint work is essential for success in the academic training of their children. • Psychophysical disciplines: Yoga, Kung Fu and Relaxation. • Outings and pedagogical-ecological coexistence. • Intercultural English Program: English by levels, contextualized learning for the development of intercultural competences.