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““Tampa Bay” – “Florida” forecast for the NHL playoff match, May 24, 2022, what time does it start, where to watch online for free, live stream broadcast On May 24, the fourth match of the 1/4 finals of the Stanley Cup “Tampa Bay Lightning” – “Florida Panthers” will take place. The meeting starts at 2:00 pm. Bookmakers in their forecasts cannot identify a favorite. You can bet on the Lightning to win in regular time with a coefficient of 2.29, the success of the Panthers is estimated by experts at 2.59.

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Kozhevnikov: criticism of Ovechkin in the United States is real Russophobia. Bookmaker odds for NHL Playoff Game 4 Tampa Bay Lightning vs Florida Panthers May 24, 2022 Bookmakers are sure that the 4th match of the NHL playoffs “Tampa Bay” – “Florida” will be productive: the total over 5.5 goals goes for 1.60, and the total under 5.5 goals – for 2.19. A draw after 60 minutes is available for 4.45. You can bet on a goal in the first 10 minutes at bookmakers with a coefficient of 1.64.
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The National Hockey League is in full swing to reach the third round of the playoffs. On May 24, two fourth matches of the 1/4 finals of the Stanley Cup are scheduled. In the earliest of them, on the ice of the Amali Arena in Tampa, the local Tampa Bay and Florida will compete. The kick-off is scheduled for 2:00 Moscow time. In all three previous meetings, the hosts won (4:1, 2:1 and 5:1). Andrey Vasilevsky and Nikita Kucherov performed amazingly in all matches. The goalkeeper conceded only three goals during this period of time and made over 100 savesand the attacker chalked it up two goals and five assists. Rangers head coach: Shesterkin played outstandingly. One of them turned out to be not only incredibly beautiful, but also very important. We are talking about an assist that the Russian gave to Ross Colton in the second match of the series with an equal score four seconds before the siren. Having found himself with the puck under pressure from two defenders behind the gates of Sergei Bobrovsky, the striker made a pass to a penny without looking. Colton didn’t hesitate. Kucherov and Vasilevsky continue to break records and become the stars of matches, delighting fans with an amazing level of play. But the coaching staff, led by John Cooper, also deserves special praise. The coach manages the Lightning perfectly, as evidenced by the replacement of the out-of-service Braden Point by the experienced Corey Perry. The 37-year-old Canadian is pleased with his performance. Hamburg – Hertha.  The absolute champion of the Bundesliga returns after a spree Hamburg – Hertha. The absolute champion of the Bundesliga returns after a spree Point’s absence was expected to be a big problem, as he was the team’s leading scorer last season. However, the Lightning have perfectly adapted to the circumstances and have a great chance to end the series in the upcoming confrontation. Now they are in a better tone than the opponent. American fans called for Ovechkin’s visa to be cancelled. Not to say that Florida looked much worse in previous matches of the series. On the contrary, she created many chances and even had a chance to turn the series in her favor. However, in dynamics, the Lightning’s class advantage and tactical superiority were noticeable. The reigning champion continues to prove that he has nerves of steel and character. The Panthers put on a great regular season. Finished the season on the first line in the NHL summary table with 122 points and 340 goals. However, the meager experience of playing in the Stanley Cup makes itself felt. The talent of the roster was enough to beat Washington (4-2) at the previous stage, but so far it has not been possible to fight Tampa on equal terms. The following indicator can also tell a lot: the Panthers managed to convert only one majority in 26 attempts in the NHL playoffs. Of course, Andrew Brunett deserved a nomination for the Jack Adams Trophy (an award for the coach who made the greatest contribution to the success of his team). Yes, and Sergei Bobrovsky should be given credit for the repeated rescue of the team. However, the incredibly many attacking “Floridas” have a significant drawback, which is actively used by “Tampa”. The fact is that high-scoring forwards – Jonathan Huberdo, Alexander Barkov and Sam Rinehart – do not have time to work properly in defense. Accordingly, their utility indicators are strongly deviated in the negative direction. USA – Czech Republic, World Cup 2022.  Americans will punish bookmakers for underestimation USA – Czech Republic, World Cup 2022. Americans will punish bookmakers for underestimation Most of the Panthers’ forwards lack defensive skills. In the regular season it was not scary and not so noticeable. But in the playoffs, where you have to disassemble the same opponent, knowing the weaknesses of the opponent gives a huge advantage. “Tampa Bay” in this situation is a clear favorite. Let’s take P1 again for a factor of 2.29. The team has not only an amazing composition, but also a system that Florida lacks. Plus, the meeting will take place in Tampa, where the support of the fans will add a fuse and motivation to the hosts. In the last four full-time matches (three in the playoffs and one in the regular season), the guests suffered losses in regular time. We think that this time you can bet on an identical outcome. Tampa Bay – Florida: prediction and bet for the 4t h NHL playoff game on May 24, 2022 The leaders of “Tampa” are in great shape. Admire individual skill and performance. The club has rich experience of playing in the playoffs and consistency. This is exactly what the ultra-attacking “Florida” lacks, which so far looks like a purely “regular” team. The lack of reliability in defense and the amazing game of the opponent’s goalkeeper did not allow us to get good results in previous matches. The hosts have a great chance to finish the series. I think they will use it. Bid: Tampa Bay win in regular time at odds of 2.29. Kucherov overtook Ovechkin in points in the NHL playoffs. Whims: I want to go to the Russian bath as soon as possible. The head coach of the Swedish national team called the schedule of the World Hockey Championship a disaster. “For 10 years, they gave birth to one Kaprizov.” Plushev announced the crisis of Russian hockey.”
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